Physician Training


Dr. Parmar ND is committed to teaching other health care providers about reproductive health. For this reason, she founded the educational institute, Integrative Reproductive Care Inc. which delivers didactic and hands on courses on different aspects of women’s health and
reproductive care.


Dr. Karen Parmar is the founder of the educational institute, Integrative Reproductive Care Inc. Here, you can take comprehensive courses on Pap, HPV, and STI testing, contraception and intrauterine devices theory, and other related topics. She also offers training programs to fulfill the certification requirements of the CNPBC for intrauterine device (IUD) insertions and removals.

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Let Dr. Karen Parmar become your mentor for women’s health and reproductive medicine. Under her guidance, you’ll be able to easily understand concepts and use your knowledge in relevant applications. Visit Integrative Reproductive Care Inc.’s site to get started.